September 30
2.5 hours
4 People
Minimum Participants
2 out of 5
100-Plus Promenade Sports Hub, Stadium MRT


 Outdoor Morning Yoga at 100 Plus Promenade

Services of Yoga Instructor

Great Way to Start Your Sunday!


Movement and stillness. Strength and flexibility. Dynamism and meditation.

Wildfire Expeditions is offering back-to-back sessions of 60-minute yoga practice designed to recharge you for the week ahead.

Come and practice with us on the last Sunday of the month.


1. 7:30am Flow with Simplicity (60 minutes)

Begin the session with an energising flow to waken your body and get your breath circulating. Move into a dynamic sequence broken down into simple steps that works your core, building both strength and flexibility. Let your breath guide your movement and fire up your muscles.

2. 8:45am Release and Surrender (60 minutes)

We focus on the little understood and hence oft neglected fascia – the connective tissue that wraps around the muscles. Improve the elasticity of your body. Learn to let go of effort. Let yourself ease into shapes. Find comfort within the unfamiliarity. Let any tension, any lingering intensity fade away as you surrender into the pose. Enjoy the delicious release that follows.


IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Bring your own mat

2. Kindly arrive 10mins prior to the start to prepare your mats and settle in for the first session. The nearest MRT station is Stadium MRT.

3. Singapore’s weather is unpredictable and this event is held outdoors. While there is shelter, please note that this is a public area. Kindly equip yourself with sunscreen, mosquito repellent etc. as necessary.

4. We do not recommend a heavy meal prior to practicing yoga.

5. Stay hydrated! Please bring along sufficient water to hydrate yourself.

6. As with any physical activity, kindly ensure that you are able to participate safely. Do consult a medical doctor prior to signing up if you are pregnant or have any injury or recent surgery that may prevent you from safely engaging in physical activity. Neither Wildfire Expeditions nor the instructors will be liable for any injury or accident arising from or during the event.

7. Maximum capacity is 16 persons, on a first pay, first in basis. Please register yourself asap and make payment to confirm your slot.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL All levels welcome!

7:20 am - Meet at 100-Plus Promenade, place your mats, relax into the morning


7:30am, Session 1: Flow with Simplicity


8:30am: 10 minute break


8:45am, Session 2: Release and Surrender

Singapore Sports Hub, 100-Plus Promenade

Additional information

Cost25 SGD
Sunrise yoga, Mardi Himal Nepal

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the date of the event being so near, Wildfire cannot provide refunds in the event of personal cancellations or no-shows. If the event must be rescheduled due to weather, Wildfire will provide a refund or hold your spot for the rescheduled event.

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