6 hours
2 People
Minimum Participants
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Let’s Learn Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) and Abseiling (SNAS )Level 1 Certification


This is a combination package of the popular (SNCS1) course  and the (SNAS1) Abseiling course to get you ready for all of your climbing experiences.

Both of these courses are an introduction to the sport of climbing and abseiling in Singapore by learning equipment basics, top-rope skills, 5 step belay method, abseiling with figure 8 descender, and safety lock off procedures while Abseiling.

Once you have completed the SNCS level 1 Certification course, you can then complete the verification process at your favorite climbing gym. Your SNAS Level 1 certification will be needed if you decide to continue complete the SNCS Level 3 multipitch course.  Also learning abseiling here in Singapore will prepare you for the great sport of Canyoning, which is widely popular in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and the US.  Will be teaching you on the same gear used while Canyoning, without needing a westuit!

There will be two instructors providing support for this training combination. Spaces limited to a maximum of 6 people per class so sign up today!

See more here: https://youtu.be/zffugP_smDQ

START TIME Please arrive by 10:00 AM
FINISH TIME Approximately 4:00 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, and sunscreen.
INCLUDED Professional instructors
ATC Belaying
All climbing tools, ropes, and personal harness
NOT INCLUDED Food, Sports Drinks
Climbing shoes

The first half of the day will be dedicated to SNCS Level 1 training

What you will learn:

  • Introduction of climbing equipment (Carabiners, Harness, etc…)

  • Tie-in knot (Figure 8 Thread-thru)

  • Belaying technique (5 steps belay) using friction devices

  • Using an ABD (Assisted Braking Device)

  • Belaying a climber

  • Lowering a climber belaying stance

  • Arresting a climber’s fall

  • Top Rope Climbing (Pre-climb checks and climbing commands)

  • Spotting and Safety considerations – pendulums, falling on other people, rope placement, buddy check

Upon completion of the event, you will receive SNCS Level 1 certification which is recognized by all climbing gyms in Singapore and throughout South East Asia!

After lunch we will then move on to the high rise tower to begin SNAS Level 1 training.

What will you learn:

  • Introduction to Abseiling concept, setup and equipment

  • Equipment fit for harness and helmet.

  • Rope Management

  • Objective & subjective climbing hazards and safety protocols.

  • Introduction to anchors

  •  Abseiling technique using a Figure 8 Descender.

  • Abseiling commands, terminology and communication protocol

  • Self rescue – apply lock-on system with leg wrap

We can also accommodate a private group or corporate bookings.

For further information please email info@wildfirexpeditions.com

Please Remember to:

  • Bring Water (some water will be provided)

  • Wear Tennis/sport shoes.

  • Bring a towel as it is very humid

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