The Shengleng Expedition takes place over 5 days within the Shei-Pa National Park in Taichung, Taiwan. This is an exciting exploration hike across stunning landscape, abseiling down sheer rock faces and traversing at altitudes of over 3,800m!

Shengleng Trail, also known as The Holy Ridge Trial, is a razorback ridgeline connecting the Main Peak of Xue Mountain and Dabajian Mountain, with the highest points between Main Peak and North Peak of Xue Mountain.

There are many jagged, rugged rocks and steep, cliffy escarpments along the trail. Those who love mountain climbing will be challenged and rewarded in completing this significant ridge. As an old saying in the mountain climbing realm goes, “those who finish Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) are qualified to get married.”

It means only when a young man breaks through all difficulties along this trail can he shoulder the responsibility of having a family.

Shengling Trail has multiple entry and exit points, and ways to traverse the ridge. Wildfire Expeditions will be traversing the O-shaped Trek which starts from Wuling Quadruple Mountains, with descents from Pintian Cliffs on the west side of Pintian Mountain, and connects to the Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) by Buxiulan Mountain. The trek follows an accessible route and hut system to approach Xue Mountain Range.

While seasonal changes have a tendency to bring about dramatic, unpredictable weather, this is also a special time to be on the mountain. The route will take us from forests and waterfalls to narrow, heart stopping ridgelines to majestic summits. If weather permits, the 5 days will be a visual treat unlike any other.

Participants are required to have a high level of physical fitness and be prepared for the unpredictable.  The average trekking day will be between 8 to 10 hours, with longer days potentially taking up to 14 hours.  There is the possibility that walking time may be longer due to weather or terrain conditions.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONTaoyan Airport, Taipei, Taiwan
DEPARTURE TIMEApril / October – 2017, Please arrive by 12:00 PM at Taoyan Airport, Taipei to leave for Sheipa National Park
RETURN TIMEApril / October- 2017, Approximately 3:30 PM to Taipei Main Station
WEARSeason Dependent

Ground Transportation To/From Taipei to Trail Head

Accommodation at Wuling Farm (Dormitory Style)

Group Technical  Equipment

All Meals on the Trail D1-D5, and dinner at Wuling Farm

Park Entrance Fees

Technical Mountaineering Guide

Pre Trip Training

Hut Permits


Personal Equipment Rental

Flights to / From Taiwan


 (3-AD) Experience Trekking



Day 1: Arrival

Arrival into Taoyan Airport and 4 hour drive to Shei-pa National Park

Day 2: Xinda Cabin

Wuling Recreation Area Taoshan Waterfall, Mt Chihyou, (3303 Mtrs) to Xinda Cabin –  (Estimated Trekking Time 8 – 10 hours)

Day 3: Pintien Cliffs

Xinda Cabin, Mt Pintien, Pintien Cliffs, Mt Sumida (3524 Mtrs), Sumida Cabin (Estimated Trekking Time – 10 hours )

Day 4: Sumida Cabin

Xinda Cabin, Mt Pintien, Pintien Cliffs, Mt Sumida (3524 Mtrs), Sumida Cabin (Estimated Trekking Time – 10 hours )

Day 5: Summit Xue Mountain

Syubei Cabin to Front Peak of Kailantekun Mountain ( 3705m )To main Peak Kailantekunshan (3731m) to Main Peak of Xueshan, second highest peak in Taiwan(3886m)to 369 Cabin

Day 6: Walk out

Day 5 369 cabin to East Peak of Xueshan (3201m), passing Qika Hut (Estimated walking time 5 hours). Return to Taipei around 5:00pm

At Wildfire Expeditions, we use a combination of grading systems based on technical requirements of the climb as well as the physical conditioning of the trek.  The grading systems we use to assess the treks is a combination of  the New Zealand Alpine Grading System and the French adjectival alpine system As with any treks, there is a level of physical fitness that is required.  Trekking days can be an average of 8 to 12 hours, and summit days can be 16+ hour days. Before undergoing any new or strenuous physical activity, it is advisable to receive a health check from a qualified physician.

The Holy Ridge Trek is considered a (3AD)

New Zealand Alpine Grading System

An alpine grading system adapted from the grades used in the Aoraki/Mt Cook Region is widely used in New Zealand for alpine routes in the North and South islands. Grades currently go from 1–7. The grading system is open ended; harder climbs are possible. Factors which determine grade are (in descending order of contributing weight): technical difficulty, objective danger, length and access.

Standard grading system for alpine routes in normal conditions

  • New Zealand Grade 1: Easy scramble. Use of rope generally only for glacier travel.
  • New Zealand Grade 2: Steeper trickier sections may need a rope.
  • New Zealand Grade 3: Longer steeper sections generally. Use of technical equipment necessary. Ice climbs may require two tools.
  • New Zealand Grade 4: Technical climbing. Knowledge of how to place ice and rock gear quickly and efficiently a must. Involves a long day.
  • New Zealand Grade 5: Sustained technical climbing. May have vertical sections on ice.
  • New Zealand Grade 6: Multiple crux sections. Vertical ice may not have adequate protection. Good mental attitude and solid technique necessary. May require a bivy on route and be a long way from civilization.
  • New Zealand Grade 7: Vertical ice/rock which may not have adequate protection. Rock grades in the high 20’s (Ewbank). Climb may be in remote area. May require a bivy on route.

International French Adjectival System (IFAS)

The French adjectival alpine system evaluates the overall difficulty of a route, taking into consideration the length, difficulty, exposure and commitment-level of the route (i.e., how hard it may be to retreat). The overall grade combines altitude; length and difficulty of approach and descent; number of difficult pitches and how sustained they are; exposure; and quality of rock, snow and ice. These are, in increasing order:[19]

  • F: facile (easy). Straightforward, possibly a glacial approach, snow and ice will often be at an easy angle.
  • PD: peu difficile (slightly difficult). Routes may be longer at altitude, with snow and ice slopes up to 45 degrees. Glaciers are more complex, scrambling is harder, climbing may require some belaying, descent may involve rappelling. More objective hazards.
  • AD: assez difficile (fairly difficult). Fairly hard, snow and ice at an angle of 45-65 degrees, rock climbing up to UIAA grade III, but not sustained, belayed climbing in addition to a large amount of exposed but easier terrain. Significant objective hazard.
  • D: difficile (difficult). Hard, more serious with rock climbing at IV and V, snow and ice slopes at 50-70 degrees. Routes may be long and sustained or harder but shorter. Serious objective hazards.
  • TD: très difficile (very difficult). Very hard, routes at this grades are serious undertakings with high level of objective danger. Sustained snow and ice at an angle of 65-80 degrees, rock climbing at grade V and VI with possible aid, very long sections of hard climbing.
  • ED1/2/3/4: extrêmement difficile (extremely difficult). Extremely hard, exceptional objective danger, vertical ice slopes and rock climbing up to VI to VIII, with possible aid pitches.
  • ABO: Abominablement difficile (abominable) Difficulty and danger at their limit.

Checkout our expedition in April 2017.

The cost of the Holy Ridge trek is $1050.00 SGD per person.

Due to the technical nature of this trek, a maximum of 4 participants to one guide. A minimum of two participants is required for the trek to operate

Cancellation Policy:  Due to the booking of government and operator permits, Wildfire Expeditions has the following refund policy

  • Each deposit, includes a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Full refunds, less registration fee, will be provided 90 days prior to the trek or dive date.
  • 50% refunds will be provided 60-89 days prior to course, trek or dive date.
  • 25% refunds will be provided 45-59 days prior to course, trek or dive date.
  • No refunds will be provided 45 days prior to course, trek and/or expedition date.
  • All refund requests must be made in writing  within the deadlines stated above.
  • All balances are due 60 days prior to departure date unless otherwise specified.

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