Backpacking, camping and trekking opens up areas that we all dream about experiencing, like high mountain ranges above forested valleys, and snow-covered peaks overlooking glacial basins. And there’s the personal challenge of the trek itself, of carrying your own gear, of working as a team.

Wildfire Expeditions runs expeditions to regions of the world that awe and inspire us, and where not many others go. We trek to scenes of breathtaking beauty, along windy, heart-stopping ridgelines, across glacier fields and in flowering rhododendron forests. From medium intensity hikes, to altitudes that take your breath away (quite literally), you will come away with a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have achieved!

We also provide training plans to prepare you for the experience, in addition to training and practice sessions in abseiling and climbing (see Available Trainings for more information).


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Trekking Annapurna

Experience the Himalayas, Mardi Himal Trek

Activity: Trekking | Activity Level: Moderate | Location: Nepal | Dates: April - September
per person
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Leh Ladakh, Stok Kangri Trek

Experience the Highest Non Technical Summit in India! (6153m)  
per person
10 Days
4 out of 5
Gillespie Lake Camping

Makarora Valley, NZ – Gillespie Pass Trek

Activity:  Trekking- Location: New Zealand- Activity Level: Beginner
per person
Trekking Nepal

Mohare Danda Trek, Annapurna Region, Nepal

Activity:  Trekking Location: Nepal Activity Level: Easy (Family Friendly)
per person
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Mongolia! Altai Mountains Trek and Mount Khuiten Summit

Activity:  Trekking, Alpine Climbing- Location: Mongolia- Activity Level: Moderate - Advanced  
per person

Mount Merapi Drone and Photography Expedition

Drone Photography on  Mt. Merapi  with Ridge line camping will take your photography to an all new level!   Photography has taken many new directions over the years, but none as exciting as the introduction of drone photography. With the freedom given with such technology, your opportunity to explore worlds that you never thought possible becomes endless. So in true Wildfire Expedition style we will be bringing you to that world, to witness something spectacular and capture it in all its glory. Mt. Merapi (25 kilometers north of Yogyakarta) is the most active of Indonesia's 127 active volcanoes. Located north of Central Java's capital of Yogyakarta, it is a 2968 meter-high stratovolcano with steep slopes and an almost perfect cone shape. Merapi, which means "Mountain of Fire ", typically has small eruptions every two to three years, and larger ones about once every 10 to 15 years. This once in a lifetime expedition will bring you in close contact with mother nature in her most unique form, above the clouds, with sunsets as red as lava, and sunrises so soothing you will be left in complete awe. Views so clear and endless not even the most powerful camera can capture. Beyond the satisfaction of surmounting one of the world’s most active volcanoes and achieving a personal milestone, be privy to the unbelievable beauty of sunrise at the peak. Watch as 4 other volcanoes unfold before you,  Mt. Merabu, Mt. Sumbing, Mt. Sindoro and Mt. Telomoyo, catching the sun as it rises illuminating your approach to summit. A magical sight that few will experience. And on flat ground, the historically unique structures of Prambanan Temple, a UNESCO World heritage site which dates back to the 9th Century, will connect you to a part of history that few have explored. Being the largest Hindu temple in all of South East Asia, this monumental structure brings with it many traditions, myths and legends. Close up imagery of the stone structures and aerial silhouette sunset shots of this majestic structure will add to your large collection of Yogyakarta and make you ask yourself that question... How come I had not done this before... This 3D2N expedition will challenge your skills in capturing THAT moment, knowing that regardless, its magnificence both above at almost
3 Days
4 People
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New Zealand, Mt Aspiring National Park Rabbit Pass Trek

  Activity:  Trekking Location: New Zealand Activity Level: Moderate  
per person

Sunrise Summit of Mount Agung, Bali

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Bali, Indonesia Activity Level: Beginner Dates: Flexible (Min 2 people)

The Dragon’s Spine | Snow Mountain Summit, Taiwan

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Taiwan- Activity Level: Advanced
August – October
5 Days
3 People