Diving inspires us as a way to experience the mysteries and wonders held by the ocean. Whether it’s a relaxing dive practicing photo skills, finding marine animals you’ve never seen before, or experiencing the adrenaline rush of challenging currents, there is so much to experience in the magical underwater world.

Wildfire offers a truly unique and personal approach to dive expeditions, where exploration & adventure are still possible and the true beauty of more adventurous scuba diving can be experienced. We take you to well-known dive locations and keep your experience unique, and we take you well off the beaten path where very few divers have been before. We are focused on finding and sharing some of the best dive locales on the planet, so prepare to be amazed!


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Diving Maldives with Emperor!

Explore the incredible underwater world of the Maldives!
Indonesia Tour Packages

Diving Off the Beaten Path, Pulau Sipadan

Activity:  Diving- Location: Malaysia- Activity Level: Beginner