Climbing and summiting is an incomparable challenge and reward. Whether completing a single pitch or a multi-day snow and ice summit, the feeling of freedom and the power to complete the challenge is awe-inspiring. As you climb, whether on rock or ice, it takes every muscle in your body to inch you upward. Keeping your mind clear and choosing deliberate movements to conserve energy and support your body fully is an art form in itself. It’s you and a route up narrow fissures and narrower ledges. Chase your fear back into the shadows, as you move toward your intended goal.

At Wildfire Expeditions, climbing treks are one of our main foundations. And we look for unique places that offer both a challenge and a zen effect once you have completed the pitch. Our rock climbing treks will take you to out of the way places that offer stunning climbs like no other.


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Mongolia! Altai Mountains Trek and Mount Khuiten Summit

Activity:  Trekking, Alpine Climbing- Location: Mongolia- Activity Level: Moderate - Advanced  
per person
Tours and Trainings in Taiwan

New Zealand, Mt Aspiring National Park Rabbit Pass Trek

  Activity:  Trekking Location: New Zealand Activity Level: Moderate  
per person
3 People
4 out of 5
Wanaka, NZ
Adventure Travel in Taiwan

Leh Ladakh, Stok Kangri Trek

Experience the Highest Non Technical Summit in India! (6153m)  
10 Days
4 out of 5
Gillespie Lake Camping

Makarora Valley, NZ – Gillespie Pass Trek

Activity:  Trekking- Location: New Zealand- Activity Level: Beginner
per person
4 People
2 out of 5
Wanaka, NZ
Adventure Travel

Outdoor Rock Climbing Clinic – Lopburi, Thailand

Activity:  Climbing Location: Thailand Activity Level: Beginner-Moderate (Min 4 pax)
November – January
3 Days
4 People
Xue Mountain Taiwan
Flexible, October – December
3 Days
4 People
Batu Caves Climbing High

Climbing at Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Activity:  Climbing- Location: Malaysia- Activity Level: Easy to Moderate
per person
6 people
Singapore National Climbing Standards

SNCS Certification Level 2

Wildfire Expeditions is now offering Singapore National Climbing Standards – Certification – Level 2! Improve your skills, learn from talented instructors who are also climbers, and become certified to lead climbs. This respected course will build on from your top rope skills you learnt from level 1 and transforms you to a proficient lead climber. What will you learn: Introduction to lead climbing Differences between Top Rope and Lead Climbing Belaying a lead climber using new devices/techniques Arresting a Climbers fall Introduction to anchors Topping out the climb New knots to master (like the tape knot) And new safety techniques This is really the climbing that allows you to level up, and we are happy to get you guys certified. Upon completion of the event, you will receive SNCS Level 2 certification which is recognized by all climbing gyms in Singapore and throughout South East Asia! This is a two day course (16 hours) to ensure each participant has demonstrated proficiency in lead climbing techniques. You will be exposed and get experience working with dynamic ropes.  Working with quickdraws, slings and anchors As always, spaces are limited, so get in touch to reserve your spot! LOCATION THE CLIFF at SNOW CITY DURATION 2 Days (9 March & 16 March 2019) START TIME  9:00 am FINISH TIME  5:00 pm WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, and sunscreen. INCLUDED Professional instructor ATC Belaying Runners, Quick Draws, Ropes Harness, helmet, climbing tools NOT INCLUDED Food, Sports Drinks Climbing shoes EXPERIENCE  SNCS LEVEL 1 Required     Please Remember to: Bring Water (some water will be provided) Wear tennis/sport/climbing shoes. Bring a towel as it is very humid
per person

Intro to Natural Wall Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Activity:  Climbing- Location: Singapore- Activity Level: Easy to Moderate
Half Day
4 People
2 out of 5

SNCS Certification Level 1

SNCS Level 1 Climbing Certification
per person
6 hours
2 People