Activity and Skill Level

We have trips for every skill level, ranging from introductory to challenging. These guidelines will help you select the level of adventure that’s right for you

(1) Introductory: Adventure travel at its most relaxed pace.

  • Activity: 1-3 hours most days
  • Distances: walk less than 5 km most days
  • Surfaces: Mostly Level terrain
  • Elevation change: little to none
  • Altitude: less than 1,000m

(2)  Beginner: Great for newcomers to active travel.

  • Activity: 4- 5   hours most days
  • Distances: Trekking/hiking up to 10 km a day,
  • Surfaces: frolling terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
  • Elevation change: up to 2,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 2,000 m

(3) Moderate: For outdoor novices and above.

  • Activity: 6 hours most days
  • Distances: If Trekking up to 15 km most days,  Climbing Single Pitch routes 6a
  • Surfaces: rolling or mountainous terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
  • Elevation change: up to 1,000 m/day
  • Altitude: up to 3,000 m

(4) Advanced: Recommended for fit travelers with basic skills

  • Activity: 5-8 hours most days
  • Distances: Hike up to 20 km a day. Multi-pitch Climbing involved if climbing
  • Surfaces: mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
  • Elevation change: up to 4,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 5,000 ft.
  • Experience and a doctor’s release may be required
  • (5) Challenging Active: Designed for very fit travelers.
  • Activity: 10+ hours/day
  • Distances: Trek 15 or more KM most days, Multi-Pitch Climb 6a+
  • Surfaces: remote, mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents, uneven trails with loose features.
  • Elevation change: up to 1,000 m/day
  • Altitude: may well exceed 5,000 m
  • Experience and a doctor’s release are required



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No, we do not charge any extra fees or fuel surcharges. The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax.

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation and also the Order # that is immediately emailed to you after you make your reservation.

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.


You must call 72 hours ahead of your scheduled tour for a full refund. Within 72 hours you will assess a $35 termination fee. There are no refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of your tour, or if you decide not to show up.

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.


We do hike in the rain, snow, wind and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on adventures! If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed. You will be notified the week of your trip if there are changes due to weather.