Why do we hike when we can ride? Why do we climb when we can fly? Why do we carry our own weight when we can hire out?

To experience the journey uncompromised, to grow beyond self-imposed limits, to test ourselves and surprise ourselves – and ultimately, to revel in a moment that few will ever know

Our Passion is to uncover the bounds of human endeavor. From ocean bed to snowy peaks and everything in between, Wildfire aspires to the Extraordinary. We listen to your dreams and ask What is keeping you from them?

At Wildfire, we believe anyone and everyone has the ability to surpass their perceived limits and surprise themselves. With instructors and outdoor experience across multiple disciplines, Wildfire will organize logistics, prepare you mentally and physically and be with you every step of the way.

We promise a transcendental experience. Live Big.

Contact us at info@wildfirexpeditions.com.

Patrick Billings – Founder, Director, Expedition Lead:  patrick@wildfirexpeditions.com

I have been doing outdoor activities solo since my early adulthood. Usually when I get involved in a hobby or sport, I don’t let go until I achieve a high level and understanding of the sport. I got my scuba instructors in 2001. In 2006 I took up Kite surfing and am one level away from instructor on kite surfing. I have been doing trips into the wild, the off the beaten path trips for most of my life. I learned to repel and climb at a young age and have always enjoyed camping and backpacking. Over the 6+ years, I have gotten really involved in alpine style mountaineering. With certifications in mountaineering, and instructor certifications in lead climbing, and repelling (abseiling), I enjoy sharing or knowledge and teaching to those who have a passion for outdoors. Now I am working on completing the outdoor wilderness leadership program.  People have always heard of my trips, and spoke with envy that they wanted to try such things but didn’t know how. This has inspired me to move to open this company. The Wildfire Expedition Company or “Wildfire Expeditions”


Phil Voss – Operations, MSDT, Expedition Lead: phil@wildfirexpeditions.com

Born and raised in North Carolina, I was always climbing trees, exploring on my grandmother’s farm, and loved the outdoors. Moving to Colorado enhanced my love for the outdoors even more, especially for snowboarding in winter, with hiking, team sports, and 4-wheel drive camping in summer, and live music anytime! I took up snowboarding in 1996, and within a couple of years wanted to do more adventurous terrain, so began hiking above the ski resorts for the best runs. Travel is a passion that has been fueled by trips to Alaska for heli-boarding, South America for 6-months backpacking, and the recent journey that began when I quit my job and left the US in 2012. I became a dive instructor in 2013 on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia, and am currently managing an eco-resort in Honduras. Next stop…join me to find out!


Michael Blankson – Shareholder Michael@wildfirexpeditions.com

Being born in Ghana, West Africa my life has always been about the outdoors and togetherness. I am from a large family where being organised and making a situation fun and enjoyable is essential. This is also evident in my personality. But what takes me further from this this was my love for exploration. At the age of 6 I spent 2 weeks in the Congolese rainforest on a camping trip with my father which changed my views on wildlife forever. Animals and nature have always been a part of me and thus continued to extend this to working as a translator in Accra Zoo, Ghana during 2 gap years. Informing customers of the different species within the zoo. From this point I knew my life had to be spent outdoors and decided to go travelling around the world which was only stopped short with the opportunity to work in Singapore. Whilst in Singapore, I have pushed to achieve my dreams of travelling and have visited may countries within Asia, ensuring that the trip was with a unique twist. From organising 12 pax around Sri Lanka in a self-driven van to trekking the Annapurna range in the Himalayas. My love for photography allows me to document and effectively market my trips well for friends and friends of friends to view. The questions are always asked, “Wow, your pics look amazing. I would have loved to go there with you. When is the next one”…. It became obvious that being a part of Wildfire Expeditions was only going to make my dream come true.


Xiangyun (XY) Tan – Shareholder xy@wildfirexpeditions.com

I hiked for the first time in 2007 in Nepal and have travelled to various places independently but it was only in 2011 that I fell in love with the mountains, Nature and the great outdoors. Over the last 3-4 years, I have hiked some high mountains and did a couple of challenging expedition-style trips that I would never have contemplated in the past. Every trip was an education and usually an exercise in humility. I have done a 100km trail over 26hours, summited above 5,000m and explored the underwater world across two continents. I hiked volcanoes, glaciers, snowy peaks, forests, walked in the footsteps of ancient civilizations, trudged waist deep across rivers, slept atop a sand dune watching shooting stars; freedom camped in random spots of gorgeous natural surroundings. The more I experienced, the further I wanted to go. I want to bring more people on that journey because some moments are better when shared.