Time to Climb! SNCS Level 1 in Singapore

SNCS Level 1 Climbing!

SNCS Level 1

Let's Have some fun on the Climbing Wall

SNCS Level 1 Climbing Certification

Cost 75.00 SGD Per Person

Sign up a group of 4 or more and receive a 5% Discount!

Weekday Courses Available!

Trekking in Taiwan!

Challenge Yourself! Go to the Next Level of Trekking!

Trekking the Holy Ridge

Activity Type:  Trekking / Abseiling

Activity Level: Intermediate – Advanced

4 nights – 5 Day Holy Ridge Trek

Explore 5 Peaks over 3,000 meters

Summit Xue Mountain from the North Side 

Rock Climbing and Abseiling Involved

Lopburi MultipItch Climbing . Clinic

Multi-Pitch Climbing Clinic, Thailand

Scale a 200 meter Peak

End of the Year Holiday!

Activity Type : Climbing

Activity Level : Intermediate

Maximum 6 People.

Learn Multipitch Climbing

Scale a 200 Meter 6 Pitch Wall!

Time to Get Outside and Explore!

Check Out Our latest Treks, Tours and Trainings

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek (11 days) - Nepal

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Nepal- Activity Level: Moderate
11 Days

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek (15 days) - Nepal

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Nepal- Activity Level: Moderate
15 Days

Poon Hill Trek (8 days) - Nepal

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Nepal- Activity Level: Easy to Moderate
8 Days

Dive the Red Sea!

Activity:  Diving Location: Red Sea Activity Level: Experienced
November – January
7 Days
August – October
1 out 5

Multipitch Climbing Clinic – Lopburi, Thailand

Experience multi pitch climbing in Thailand.
4 Days
2 out of 5

Wild Kyrgyzstan - Silk Road by Horseback Trek

Experience the Silk Road thru Kyrgyzstan by Horseback!
10 Days

Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) 1 Day Hike

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Mount Ophir, Malaysia- Activity Level: Moderate
1 Day

Komodo Liveaboard Dive Adventure

Activity:  Diving Location: Indonesia Activity Level: Experienced
September 14-21, 2019
7 Days

Wildfire Yoga - Weekend Morning Yin Yang

Activity:  Yoga Location: Singapore Activity Level: Easy to Moderate
September 30
2.5 hours

Batu Caves Rock Climbing - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Activity:  Climbing- Location: Malaysia- Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

Intro to Natural Wall Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Activity:  Climbing- Location: Singapore- Activity Level: Easy to Moderate
Half Day
4 People

Diving with Emperor Voyager / Atoll / Leo

Explore the incredible underwater world of the Maldives!
7 Days

Leh Ladakh India, Stok Kangri Trek

Experience the Highest Non Technical Summit in India! (6153m)  
10 Days

Horseback Trek thru Mongolia

Activity:  Horseriding, Camping Location: Mongolia Activity Level: Beginner Dates: August 5th - 12th , August 25 - Sep 1 (Min
August 2019
8 Days

New Zealand, Mt Aspiring National Park Rabbit Pass Trek

  Activity:  Trekking Location: New Zealand Activity Level: Moderate  
3 People
4 out of 5

Outdoor Rock Climbing Clinic - Lopburi, Thailand

Activity:  Climbing Location: Thailand Activity Level: Beginner-Moderate (Min 3 pax)
3 Days
4 People

Makarora Valley, NZ - Gillespie Pass Trek

Activity:  Trekking- Location: New Zealand- Activity Level: Beginner
4 People
2 out of 5

Mohare Danda Trek, Annapurna Region, Nepal

Activity:  Trekking Location: Nepal Activity Level: Easy (Family Friendly)
Dec 20-28
8 Days

SNCS Certification Level 1

SNCS Level 1 Climbing Certification
6 hours
2 People

Mongolia! Altai Mountains Trek and Mount Khuiten Summit

Activity:  Trekking, Alpine Climbing- Location: Mongolia- Activity Level: Moderate - Advanced  

Mount Merapi Drone and Photography Expedition

Drone Photography on  Mt. Merapi  with Ridge line camping will take your photography to an all new level!   Photography
3 Days

Taiwan Mountain Range - Mt Pintian to Mt Dapajian Traverse

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Taiwan- Activity Level: Moderate
October – December
4 People
Flexible, October – December
3 Days

Experience the Himalayas, Mardi Himal Trek

Activity: Trekking | Activity Level: Moderate | Location: Nepal | Dates: April - September

Pulau Sipadan - Diving from a Refurbished Oil Rig

Activity:  Diving- Location: Malaysia- Activity Level: Beginner

SNCS Certification Level 2

Wildfire Expeditions is now offering Singapore National Climbing Standards – Certification – Level 2! Improve your skills, learn from talented instructors

Diving Pulau Weh

Want to escape for a few days, experience some amazing diving with few other divers around, and relax in a
4 People

The Holy Ridge Trail | Snow Mountain Summit, Taiwan

Activity:  Trekking- Location: Taiwan- Activity Level: Advanced
6 Days

Why Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is good for you! It Reduces stress levels that we build up in our bodies from our daily routine. The adrenaline helps clear the mind and increases our attention levels.  Reconnecting with nature can re-energize the mind and the body. Doing something challenging helps us grow, and allows us to expand our comfort zone and get more out of life!

An Adventure Travel Company?

An Adventure travel company is a company that takes calculated risks to maximize the thrill while keeping safety as the most important factor.  Our Staff consists of instructors from various accredited mountaineering federations and organizations.  Safety is our first and foremost concern. With safety in mind, we strive to give unique experiences that you can truly embrace.

How to get started?

Just get started! We can show you the way.  Whether you decide your adventure is a relaxing private island get-away, a Scuba dive trip to lesser explored places, or backpacking and camping in the remote wilderness, we can help.  We have progression programs that allow you to build your skills and continue to grow and find new challenges to conquer.

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